We are a private preschool, licensed by the state of California, serving the community by providing quality education.

We Offer:

  • Loving qualified teachers
  • Our curriculum that lays the foundation for learning
  • Very reasonable tuition
  • Environment that is safe and wholesome

Our Preschool Program Philosophy:

Laura’s Preschool provides a safe, secure and nurturing environment for children age’s two months to eight years old.  We are devoted to the social, emotional, physical, cognitive and Christian development of children.  We introduce a variety of concepts that children need in order to help them develop perceptual motor skills, auditory perception, language skills, math and sorting, grouping, counting and social and emotional self-worth.  We encourage good health and safety habits, as well as provide a caring atmosphere.  This will help the children to develop a good self-image, so they have the opportunity to grow to their fullest potential.  A structured preschool program is offered and taught by qualified preschool teachers; encouraging pre-reading and readiness skills which includes pasting, gluing, coloring, cutting, painting, cooking, listening, following directions, taking turns, developing large and small motor skills, as well as Kindergarten readiness.  We also offer a variety of manipulative toys in both a structured and non-structured environment, for example, blocks, which contribute to children’s understanding of math, science and communication skills.  Your child will have plenty of opportunities to play freely and express themselves both inside and outside.  

Learning is accomplished at all levels, where the children are separated into three different groups.  We have designed four groups according to age.  The Stegosaurus (Stegies) are 2 year olds (potty trained or not potty trained); The Triceratops are 3 year olds; the Brontosaurus (Brontos) are 4 year olds: and our JR K are 5-6 year olds.  The teachers determine when the child is ready to move to the next group.  Once a year, we offer assessment testing for all children, which includes both a written and oral assessment.  This is an effective way of evaluating whether the child is cognitively as well as socially where they need to be at for their age.